L`Opéra Restaurant

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The restaurant room is located behind the pillars of the eastern facade. The project answers to the very high stress placed on the protection of the historical character of the building.
The restaurant's facade ripples and glimmers like water. No visible structure, only a simple steel blade, holds the totally transparent glass in place, as if by magic.
Inside, a mezzanine was designed as a kind of vessel slipped beneath the dome. Its curves refer to the shape of a fluid “phantom”. The space is open and opens up the view to the outside.
Everything here describes the quality of the restaurant located in the Opera Garnier, without copying but through respecting the existing architecture, it thereby affirms its contemporary character.

Chef Stephane Bidi uses both classic and contemporary cuisine, around high quality local produce and welcome innovations, in perfect harmony with the spirit of this unique restaurant.


The Palais Garnier was inaugurated in 1875 and is a must-see in Paris, contributing to the city’s spirit. National Paris Opera House presents ballets as well as opera spectacles.
Since its opening, Charles Garnier, the architect, envisioned the creation of a restaurant but his project was not realised due to lack of funds. After three attempts, the long awaited Opera Garnier Restaurant opened its doors in 2011, after 136 years of waiting, continuing the history of the Palais Garnier and making it probably one of the most long awaited restaurants of all time.
It is located at street level, Place Jacques Rouché, at the crossing of Halévy and Gluck Streets, in a space denominated by "Descente à Couvert du Pavillon des Abonnés" where theatre-goers used to get out from their carriages.

L’Opera Restaurant is accessible to everyone, directly from Place Jacques Rouché, every day from 7 am until midnight.
Valet parking is available at the entrance of the restaurant.





Odile Decq


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15,- €
L`Opéra Restaurant
Place Jacques Rouché 1
Paris, 75009
+33 1 42 68 86 80
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