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What HEIMAT puts on the table? Fresh, regional dishes with changing international accents. “Home is not a place, but a feeling,” says the head of the restaurant, Michael Jäger, “we serve simple dishes from regional ingredients wherever possible. A little like at home.” That's why on the menu one will find roasted Kabeljau next to Wiener Schnitzel or Bretonian Apple Tart. It's not important where the recipe came from. What counts are the ingredients. And they are always of the best quality and the menu includes the ingredient's proof of origin. “For example, we've personally visited the farm that supplies the meat for our HEIMAT burger so we could get a picture of how the Frisian cows live,” says General Manager Henning Weiß.


HEIMAT Küche + Bar is the Überseequartier's living room and that of the 25hours Hotel guests. In the middle of HafenCity, the restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere with contemporary allusions to life and work in the harbor. Warehouse shelves, floor markings, stacks of oriental carpets and an eclectic range of maritime finds create an unpretentious comfort. So that the guests really feel at home, the bar is of course a central element. With freshly tapped Carlsberg, Astra from the bottle and tasty wine from Germany and around of the world, you're sure to find the perfect mood for after work and into the night.




Böge Lindner K2 Architekten


hauptgericht/cocktail ab
8,- €
Heimat - Küche + Bar
Überseeallee 5
Hamburg, 20457 Hamburg
+49 40 25 77 77 84 0
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